Reach 2021 Audition (Rolling; virtual)

We are looking for teen students who are proficient in at least one style of dance, cooperative learners, and willing to learn other styles. Interest in choreographing is welcome but not required.
Please send a video that includes as many of these assignments as possible.
1. A warm up exercise that you might do in a ballet, modern/contemporary, jazz, or hip hop class. Looking to see: your training, coordination, flexibility. 1-3 minutes.
2. A short phrase that includes repeated jumps or leaps, turns, and a final shape. Looking to see: your training and ability. 30 seconds – 1 minute.
3. A phrase of movement, freestyle or a choreographed solo that shows you doing a style you feel most comfortable performing. Looking for your style and confidence performing. 30 seconds – 3 minutes. Tell us if it is your movement or someone else’s choreography.
4. A personal statement about why you would like to join Reach. Looking for: your interests and motivation. Max 1 minute.