Urbanity Dance Creative Class Auditions

Urbanity Underground
Urbanity Underground (UU) is Urbanity’s highly successful company comprised of working professionals and grad students. A competitive program, UU dancers can pursue dancing professionally while also working jobs and pursuing graduate programs. Our dancers are tech specialists, HR and marketing professionals, med students, nurses, lawyers, financial analysts, dance teachers, and Physical Therapists. Urbanity Underground is brimming with heart, human connection, professionalism, and terrific creators. Dancers have the option to apply for choreographic opportunities within the company. Underground gives its members a great deal of flexibility and the ability to choose which shows they would like to participate in. Dancers pay a monthly stipend of $67 to participate in the program.

Junior Apprentices
This program is designed for high school students ages 14 + who would like to experience dancing in a professional company and add this program to their resume.