Dance Complex’s August Canal District Pop-Up Performances

Presented by The Dance Complex and BioMed
South Plaza 450 Kendall St , Cambridge

The Dance Complex is popping up around town this July and August with opportunities for FREE dance classes and performances for the community. These events will celebrate the wonder and curiosity of dance for all in accessible settings for our community at large. Through partnerships with the Cambridge Public Library and BioMed Realty, The Dance Complex will bring local artists out into the community, teaching and performing a variety of dance genres.

-Peter DiMuro/Public Displays of Motion shares dances and on-site improvisations from a collection of dances made for “Everyday Cabaret”.
-Yosi Karahashi firmly believes that Flamenco is not just a dance, but a way of life, that there should be no limits for expression and it should be shared with everybody.
-Rising Step performs traditional Irish step dance in a contemporary style.
-Seyyide Sultan will be performing Raks Sharqi, a term that in Arabic means “Oriental Dance” and which is the proper name of the Middle Eastern dance style

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