Dance Shorts

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Ave. , Cambridge

Dance Shorts: Short works, short show, average height dancers. This project will present the work of seven strong female choreographers based in the Boston area, some working collaboratively. Each choreographer or choreographic team works independently, without the structure of a company. We are challenging ourselves and our fellow choreographers by time-limiting each work, keeping both the pieces and the show as a whole short! This limitation is based on our shared belief that our art form can benefit from the often under-used skill of editing. Through this process we hope each choreographic team is crystallizing the most efficient version of their work to share with you, and we hope to leave you curious for more. In addition, the choreographers will perform together in a commissioned work by Heidi Henderson, which will showcase these dance makers in their capacity as performers!

Maggie Foster & Caitlyn Schrader
Audrey MacLean & Katie McGrail
Jennifer Roberts
Jessica Smith

Colleen Walsh


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