Eight Feet Tall & Jenna Moynihan

Presented by Rebecca McGowan & Jackie O'Riley
First Church Cambridge 11 Garden St , Cambridge

Featuring instrumentalists Dan Accardi (the Ivy Leaf) and Armand Aromin (the Ivy Leaf, the Vox Hunters) and dancers Rebecca McGowan and Jackie O’Riley (co-creators of From the Floor), Eight Feet Tall approaches steps and tunes with both intense respect for tradition and keen sensitivity to the shared rhythmic experience of music and dance. Instruments, shoes, voices, and whole bodies enter into conversation with one another, creating complex sonic textures and vibrant visual interplay which sit firmly within the bounds of tradition while continually testing those bounds.

Supported in part by a Live Arts Boston grant from the Boston Foundation and a Somerville Arts Council ArtAssembled Residency (AiR) fellowship.

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