"Eventual dance company presents" written in yellow font over dark backrgound and illustration of performing artists in bright colors.

Eventual Dance Company: a live theater extravaganza

The Foundry 101 Rogers Street , Cambridge

EDC Presents: A live theater extravaganza! Featuring a disco-mirrored hula hoop, live music, and an ensemble of 8 fabulous dancers.


Eventual Dance Company Presents: our very first evening-length dance performance! We will present two dances choreographed and directed by Caitlin Canty.

Inspired by hypnotic disco mirrors and the low-lights of burlesque, Leila Magnolia is a stripped-down portrait of extravagance and a celebration of an artist’s devotion to her craft.

A Dance For Me For You was once a solo, and is now an exploration of sharing solo practice and using movement as a jumping off point for building community. Set to an original live score composed and performed by Anthony Brocatto, this dance lays the foundation for our company’s ensemble work based on joy, humor, and imagination.

Eventual Dance Company Presents: is dedicated to our teachers, and to our teacher’s teachers.

The show will run approximately 60 minutes with no intermission, followed by a reception.

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