Japanese Classical Dance with Nishikawa Mitsu

Presented by Japan Society of Boston
The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Avenue , Cambridge

Nihon Buyo (Japanese Classical Dance) is a kind of picture by use of body movement.

– Largely an illustration of a story, it is composed of symbolic gestures that have concrete meaning and recreate the feeling of place and event.
– Through a series of subtle postures, Nihon Buyo portrays the nuances of the emotional life of each of the stories characters.
– Through lecture, demonstration, and performance Nishikawa Mitsu, a celebrated performer from Kyoto, will instruct how to read the story of Nihon Buyo and above all to comprehend the spirit of the dance through which the entire world of Japanese sensibility and aesthetics can be seen.

Nishikawa Mitsu, from Kyoto, Japan is a decorated performer, having received many rewards, including the prestigious Heisei Foundation Cultural Agency Arts Festival Excellence Award in 2017. Building upon classical dance forms, Nishikawa Mitsu has collaborated with ballet dancers, synthesizer musicians, and practitioners of ikebana and tea ceremony. She has toured Germany, Paris, Australia, Hawaii, and the United States. Besides teaching, she has an established nonprofit, which seeks to teach the local and international community how to appreciate traditional Japanese arts.

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