Martha’s Dance Artist Salon at the BCA – hosted by Marcus Schulkind

Presented by Boston Center for the Arts
Mills Gallery at the BCA 551 Tremont Street , Boston
Free and open to the public

A community-led conversation, Martha’s Dance Artist Salon was created so Boston area dancers and choreographers might come together to share knowledge about contemporary dance as it is practiced and presented around the world. Each session is led by a host who offers a short presentation identifying an idea or exemplar that they feel is important to understanding why dance looks like it does today.

Monday 5/16/16 – hosted by Marcus Shulkind
Marcus will lead an evening focused on the work of Mats Ek, his influence on European ballet and how this has affected American modern ballet as well. Marcus will touch upon the neo romanticism/neorealism movement and the continued desire to create narrative in ballet with roots in post modernism. Excerpts of Sleeping Beauty, Apartment, and Romeo and Juliet will be shown. (Originally scheduled for 2/8/16 but cancelled due to snow.)

Martha’s Salon is organized by Andrea Blesso Albuquerque, BCA; Lorraine Chapman, LCTC; and David Henry, ICA.

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