Quarry Dance

Presented by Alison Cook Beatty
Windhover Center for the Performing Arts 257 Granite St, , Rockport

Tuesday, August 22 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Free (Donations welcome)

Windhover Center for the Performing Arts in Rockport is excited to have its legendary site-specific signature summer QUARRY DANCE take place this year in person… the first live quarry dance since COVID.

Murmurations: a dance choreographed by Alison Cook-Beatty follows the migration paths of 5 different bird species. Music is titled The Birds by Respighi which illuminates the dance movements. A poem written about the quarries by Michael O’Leary will be read by him on site. This takes place at the Babson quarry inside of Halibut State Park near the Visitors Center and is free to the public. Total performance time is 1 hour.
Dancers: Payton Primer, Tomislav Nevistić, Maddie Burnett, Madeline Kuhlke, Jacob Blank, Ioanna Ioannides, and Hannah Dilenbeck
Costume Design: Christine Darch (sponsored by Peter Muldalvin and Helene Krumholz)

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