Space For Action Presents: Earth Rising

Presented by Space for Action
Complex @ Canal 650 E Kendall St , Cambridge

The premiere performance of Space for Action: Earth Rising will bring human impact and potential into perspective through musical improvisation, spoken word, and a dynamic set that acts as an instrument unto itself. As the audience moves through this experience, they will be moved to a deeper understanding of our place amidst our changing climate and planet. Featuring original music, text, and set design by the Space for Action collective: Peter Godart, Tiandra Ray, Edmar Colón, and Daniel Joseph.

Performers & Musicians: Nadia Washington, Manolo Mairena, Ivanna Cuesta, Max Ridley, Peter Godart, and Edmar Colón

Collaborators: Turga Ganapathy, Hannah Wood, and Erik Strand

Note: Each show has a capacity of 40 audience members and will run for 30 minutes. We ask that patrons arrive 10 minutes early to their ticketed show time to enable a smooth transition between performances. Audience members will be standing during the performance, with limited seating available if needed.

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