Presented by Lady BOS Productions
Boston University Dance Theater 25 Buick Street , Boston

Lady BOS Productions presents “…that’s what she said,” an evening of dances from the feminine perspective. For decades, we have found ourselves at a crossroads for gender equality. Today, social media has enabled long-standing gender discussions to sweep across the country with new force via movements such as #metoo, #timesup, and #askhermore. Yet all the while there remains a firm wall of fear and resistance that threatens our ability to progress, to understand, and to come together. Now is the time to shed an inner light on shared experiences. With “…that’s what she said,” Lady BOS Productions has invited femme dance artists to mine their personal narratives, histories, and lineages, and to physicalize their experience.

The intimate works created each celebrate the unique and dynamic force of the feminine voice. Featuring choreography by Andrew Genova, Reina Gold, Jennifer Lin, Jenna Pollack, Nailah Randall-Bellinger, Nattie Trogdon and Kristin Wagner.


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