The Endless

Presented by Chinese Folk Art Workshop, Inc.
Casey Theatre at Regis College 235 Wellesley Street , Weston

Performing art is an endless journey with constant surprises along the way. It is also a story being told with no written words. Through countless sessions of practice and rehearsal, cleansed by their own sweat and tears, these young artists learned, absorbed, and gradually integrated their experience into their performance for the final show. It is a challenge of willpower and perseverance. As the old Chinese saying goes: “Three minutes of performance on stage, ten years of hard work off stage.” Every aspect of our program is a work of persistence and dedication to the arts passing from generation to generation.

At the end of each show after the curtain fell, we reviewed each performance, relived every moment, and often felt that it was unfinished in some way. We wanted more. For us, it’s not just a play, musical piece, drama, or dance, but also a joy, gathering, competition, and reflection of life.

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