Dance Floor

Dance Anywhere — Rent the Floor!

Designed for dancers and engineered by pros, the Boston Dance Alliance portable sprung wood floor makes it possible to dance anywhere, inside or out. Its light, portable panels fit together without tools and can be installed in a number of different configurations (square, rectangle, L-shape) in 30 minutes.

Sizes range from 5’X5′ to 32’6″ X40′ or 35′ X 37’6″.   Special sizes may be available by prior arrangement.  View full specs.

The BDA floor is suitable for dancing barefoot or in shoes of any kind (use of pointe shoes will require additional Marley rental).

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BDA’s portable sprung dance floor is a great investment for schools, municipalities, community organizations, clubs, and cultural institutions that want to share dance with a broad range of audiences and participants indoors and out. Let us tell you more

Floor Technicians  

BDA’s portable sprung dance floor can be put together by nonprofessionals. In some cases, however, dance companies will prefer to hire workers who can pick up, deliver, install, and return the floor to the storage location. This list includes Boston-area professionals who have had experience with the BDA floor. Contact us for details.


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